Trap Street

New Diorama Theatre, 2018

It's 1961 and the concrete's just been poured for a brand new housing estate.
It’s beautiful, not because of the clean lines, indoor toilets and wide windows, but because the idea behind it is beautiful. This is the future, and it's for everyone. It's 2018 and the last tower of the estate is about to come down. The dream that saw it built has long since died and now the estate has to follow suit to make way for new buildings, based on new ideas. This is the future, whether you like it or not.

Performed and devised by Amelda Brown, Danusia Samal, Hamish MacDougall
Music composed and performed by Zac Gvirtzman
Director/co-writer James Yeatman
Producer/co-writer Lauren Mooney
Co-designers Naomi Kuyck-Cohen and Joshua Gadsby
Film Harry Yeatman
Production photographs Richard Davenport