There Is A Light


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Scenes From The Luddite Rebellion

Creators: James Yeatman & Lauren Mooney
Direction: James Yeatman
Dramaturgy: Lauren Mooney

Performer/Devisers: Amelda Brown, Nisa Cole, David Crellin, Reuben Johnson, Daniel Millar, Katie West
Co-Design: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen & Joshua Gadsby
Sound Designer: Pete Malkin
Stage Manager : Sophie Tetlow
DSM: Phillip Hussey
ASM: Sarah Barnes
Associate Sound Designer: Dan Balfour
Production Manager: Richard Delight
Production Photography: Manuel Harlan

“‘Remember, we have given you Both time and Warning and if you pay no attention you Must abide by the Consequence’

The Industrial Revolution was the original Northern Powerhouse, but not everyone bought into the future it promised. In mills and factories across England, angry workers smashed the new machines that threatened their way of life. These workers – the Luddites – were written off as enemies of progress. But their 19th-century complaint, that bosses were using technology as an excuse to beat down the workers, resonates now more strongly than ever.

Using 21st-century artefacts and technology, this vivid and passionate production shows how the Luddites helped inspire the birth of Manchester’s radical political identity – and how their long-misunderstood protests remain massively relevant today.”