Touring, with a special durational performance installation at New Art Exchange in December 2018

Rachael Young and her badass band of super-humans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in NIGHTCLUBBING; an explosive new performance bringing visceral live music and intergalactic visions to start a revolution.
1981: Grace Jones releases her landmark album ‘Nightclubbing’; her body is brown and soft.
2015: Three women are refused entry into a London nightclub; their bodies are brown and soft.
Grace Jones; a dark skinned, androgynous, Jamaican woman, transcending societal norms to become an international superstar. Then later, three young black women, discriminated against and excluded, their bodies branded; ‘undesirable’.WE are those women, we zoom through galaxies and solar systems, traveling through time, preparing for our moment to land…IT’S NOW!
Women to the front, LGBTQ to the front, People of Colour to the front!

Conceived and performed by Rachael Young
Sound Designer/Musician/Performer Mwen Rukandema
Musician/Performer Leisha Thomas
Lighting Design Nao Nagai
Set and Costume Design Naomi Kuyck-Cohen
Dramaturgy Season Butler
Movement Consultants Alleyne Dance and Joseph Mercier
Directorial Collaborator Nadia Latif
Producer Anna Smith
Production images Marcus Hessenberg and Rosie Powell Freelance