by Baz Productions
The Vaults Theatre, 2016

Direction: Sarah Bedi
Dramturgy: Emma Luffingham
Scenography: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen & Joshua Gadsby
Music: Laura Moody
Choreography: Ffion Cox-Davies
Poster image: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen
Producer: Georgina Bednar
Associate Producers: Liz Counsell & Catherine Baliey
Production photographs: Cesare De Giglio

"Naomi Kuyck-Cohen and Joshua Gadsby’s set is phenomenal, almost art rather than a set, and they use The Vaults to it’s full potential. The diversity of the set and the way it was tailored to each scene was the very foundation of the show, and one of my favourite elements."  — West End Wilma

“dreamplay’s sequence of disjointed scenarios is abstruse yet provocatively familiar, at times mischievously amusing, at others deeply discomforting.” — The Stage

“This reimagining feels like a presentation of the original fever dream as might have been experienced by Strindberg himself. Here the audience becomes Agnes as they descend into the depths of The Vaults.” — The Upcoming

“Crammed with memorable snippets, this ambitious adaptation is free enough to pin down the theme precisely. And if it’s deep meaningful questions you like, these are packed in with forceful proficiency. ” — Once A Week Theatre

Strindberg's epic play 'A Dream Play' is reimagined in a new contemporary devised production.
I co-designed this production with Joshua Gadsby, in an attempt to explore what happens when you remove the boundaries in design roles. 

We enjoyed a long process of interrogation with director Sarah Bedi before the production was taken into rehearsals. It was imperative for us that the visual design of Dreamplay didn't distract too far from the extremely vibrant talents of the playful and energetic cast.
Working to embrace the cavernous, characterful and sometimes absurd Vaults we set about a language of directness and simplicity. You can read about our process in the Method section.