after Strindberg - script by Sarah Bedi and the company
The Vaults, Waterloo, 2016

A mysterious woman arrives on Earth, intent on uncovering the truth about human suffering. Her dream-like quest leads her through shifting landscapes and into contact with a host of disturbing characters as she searches for the ever elusive Door, behind which she is certain the answer lies ... Can she discover the unconscious truth and return home? BAZ brought its unique brand of magic to the Southbank, inviting audiences to an exploration of dreams, desires and anxieties in a re-imagining of Strindberg's epic play in the tunnels underneath Waterloo Station.

Creative Producers Catherine Bailey, Sarah Bedi, Emma Luffingham
Cast Colin Hurley, Michelle Luther, Laura Moody, Jade Ogugua & Jack Wilkinson
Director Sarah Bedi
Dramaturg Emma Luffingham
Scenographers Naomi Kuyck-Cohen & Joshua Gadsby
Music Laura Moody
Choreographer Fionn Cox-Davies
Producer Georgina Bednar
Associate Producer Liz Counsell
Production photographs Cesare De Giglio